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'Why should I die ? ' have you asked this question ? "

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” Why should I die ? ” Have you ever asked yourself ? ” Especially when I have no disease ?”
I have asked these questions and in fact went one step further , “if there is no death for me, why can’t I always remain young ? ”
Don’t laugh at me. There is nothing to be laughed at . Right from the beginning of human life, when death was realized as an unavoidable end of all living things, this question had rocked the mind and soul of our forebears.  Hiranyakasipu and several other kings and even Rishies and other epic characters had undergone great austerities, seeking ways to extend the life period .A prince, in the prime of his youth,  was so generous to donate his youth to his father and accept in lieu of, his father’s old age and all the ailments that goes with it.
The celestial super beings , Devas, struggled and obtained a life-prolonging and life-rejuvenating tonic by churning the ocean of milk.  Remember, they were already ‘amaras and nirjaras’ -immortals , with no death or aging. But still they wanted to prolong their life . Then what is the harm if a poor mortal like me wanted to live for ever!
The February 21, 2011 issue of “time” magazine has some good news for me , which I share with you . Read the attached article on stem-cell development.
Who knows that if not we, our children or grand children might benefit with the latest discovery ?
Nowadays,  I do not say my prayer, ‘Samsara saagra samudharanaika hetho ” loudly. I mutter to make sure that God do not instantly land here and lift me up from the ocean of life .
Let me wait for the release of stem cell technology in the market.

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