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Words have a limit

I never quarrel with those of my many friends and even some close relatives who claim that they do not believe in God or God is our creation and not vice verse etc etc. Fine, God is not the loser. In fact He never loses or gains. But, I feel sorry for them, as, according to me, they are missing something great. There is a satisfaction, joy, in the faith in A Supreme Force. Please don’t bringing in here temple visits, Namajapams, Pooja’s etc, etc. Those are only in the very initial stage. Once you start floating in the Divine grace, the simple feeling that you are a part of a big drama, moving as per the direction of your Master, makes you content, happy.
In fact my belief in God is so firm that I have, now successfully relieved my mind from other beliefs such as astrology vastu, sakunam, caste, religion etc . I am least bothered whether we created God or God created us . While taking shelter under a great banyan tree why should I worry whether the tree came on its own or some one planted and developed it ?
I see His shining, smiling face all around– in the rising sun or shining moon or on the wrinkled old face of myself, when I look at a mirror. What else do you need for peace and happiness in life ?
Those who believe in astrology let them; those who believe in vastu or sakunam, Rahu or Gulikan, let them. Neither book- knowledge nor counseling will help to change faith. Experience can.
To believe in God is a great experience. It is not explainable in words. Many things which we experience cannot be explained in words. Words have a limit , like all other worldly possessions .
When the time comes, I firmly believe that everyone will have that unique experience . For some it might be momentary and for some it may last longer. Longer it lasts, lucky you are .
Your horoscope says that you have that luck- and do not forget to remit my fees when my prophesy comes true.

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