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Push them aside but do it gently

Donation of eyes, organs and dead body to others
Any religious book or spiritual guide or any sastram, neethy which prohibits donating our eyes, blood, kidney or even the entire body for the benefit of others, deserves ignoring.
It is the soul which takes rebirth and not the unwanted , deteriorated, dumped as useless and then burnt or buried,disgusting garbage called body.
Pray let that not happen to any one who disagree with me that they or the one closed to them  land in a situation where they have to ask for the organ of others. In the unfortunate event of it happening, they will realize that they were wrong.
If you do not want to offer your organ to others none can compel you; but do not try to justify it on rebirth or other belief.
One of  the basic principles of our culture is paropakaaram-
helping others.
‘paropakaaraatha midam sareeram”
Twenty five youngsters came running from my organisation when large quantity of blood was reaquired for my wife, who underwent a major surgery. I did not ask for their caste or religion, before their blood was drawn- and the blood was all of the same colour!
July, 10th 2010
The request for forwarding this article seeking help for the lesser fortunate ones among us, from a relative of mine, happened to catch my eyes, among scores of mails, lying unattended in my in-box as I have been busy  with my family activities, after my return from abroad. I pass this on for the attention of those who are blessed with a kind heart , who can afford to help and even if they cannot afford as in my case, pass on to others so that some one in some corner will come forward to donate an eye or any other requirement of AJFTLE .
It is possible that you may come across some scholars who are determined to reach their heavenly aboard, leaving their body in tact, with all the organs made available to them by the divinity, when they entered this mundane world. Do not be angry with them. They have a point. The body is constituted of  the elements of Nature and therefore they are eager it to return it to the Nature without any structural deficiency, which is bound to happen if any organ is removed for re- plantation elsewhere. But the body does degenerate and it is  impossible to give back to the Nature, in the same condition it was handed over to us. But those learned men might still have some ways of returning their worldly possession unscathed . Wish them well but push them aside if they stand on your way. Push them gently as otherwise they might fall and crack their skull which may necessitate carrying them in an ambulance driven by a paraya and get the surgery done by a pulaya, the untouchable avarnas. Not only that they might need blood in the course of the surgical intervention and there is no blood bank which labels blood according to the donar’s ‘varna’ or caste . So push them gently but do push them and you may use a ‘visary’ or bamboo fan for the purpose, as some of our sanyasis do to clear way in a crowd.
Being the Karkitaka masam, I read Thunchthacharaya’
s Ramayanam, for a few minutes everyday whenever time permits. I pray to that great Brahmin, born in the womb of an ‘avarna’ woman, who could see the God in every movable and immovable things, to bestow me with at least a micro unit of his wisdom and vision.
Open my eyes, Baghavan and when you close them for ever, let my progeny have the will to donate them to someone, who will have better use for them. I am sure that in my further journey, You will become my eyes. And my Jagatchatshusse, are there any better eyes than yourself?
July 20, 2010

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