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The Rupee symbol – We need that and we need many more such symbols‏

I am with GV. In fact, whenever I press the dollar button on my key board, though occasionally, a mild disappointment used to pinch a corner of my heart, ‘why are we not having our own symbol for the currency?’
Let us be proud of our achievements, though many times I feel that we could have done better. Let us be proud of our army and other wings of the security system, even our political, judiciary,press and all other National necessities, though there is a lot of scope for improvement. Let us think of ways of improving the existing system instead of condemning them.
We are a great nation; our people are great. ‘0h, from India!’ the yoga teacher in the Baltimore gym, exclaimed bringing his palms together towards his chest, when I was introduced to him by my son.
‘India, India!’ exclaimed a school girl in the NASA rocket station, whom I met and try to explain our achievement in the space technology.
‘INDIA, INDIA’ Let every one of us proclaim keeping our head high. We are great; believe me WE ARE GREAT.
And we will be the best in the world if we stand together and wipe of poverty and  illiteracy from this  ancient land.
July, 28 2010
Quote reluctantly:
“Over time, as the “Western wave” overtakes Indian identity, and turns it into just another extension of the universal “Ummah”, the rupee itself will disappear (as did the chakram and the panam), to be replaced by the Crescent and star on the obverse side, and the outsize “U”, representing the new Emma currency, on the front face”.
Unquote proudly:
Yes, Chakram and panam have disappeared and one day or the other, everything will disappear. That doesn’t mean that we should wish for the death of  any  creation, any new ideas, before it comes out of the maternity ward. Some people never leave their negative thoughts even when the temple bells ring. I am not with them. . The temple bells are also a symbol .The ring tones kindle your aspiration to reach the divine zone and your hope that the divine hands will remove the hurdles on your path . But the tones are not permanent. What is permanent in this world? That is a stupid question to throw at a scholar.
I am not with the  Durvasas  who curse anything, everything, anytime.
Let us work together to bring all the country men together, whether they wear panchgatcham or jeans pants and try to build a new India. We have enough ‘margadarses’ role models in our history for guidance. Durvasa is not among them. And I want to enjoy the sun-rise and sun set, standing on the beach and not runaway with the fear that the tsunami waves will swallow me anytime.
July, 29 2010
Mama….well said…. I respect
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Well said, Shri Perinkulam! Durvasas would not hesitate to curse themselves, as, like Mida’s touch, their destruction lie there.
In International Monetary Economy, every currency has a symbol and why not our Rupee has one? The symbol presents both the Devnagri script and half of Roman letter to signify first letter of Rupee. After all, to a great extent these two Libies make majority of Indians literate. Certainly a great thought has gone into the mind of the inventor.
‘Let Noble thoughts from from everywhere”.  Let us follow this great Vedic edict, instead of merely repeating it parrot like. The greatness of Prahlada would emerge only if we brush aside our attitude towards his lineage.


Well said ! I like your positive attitude.Hope we have many more people who have a similar outlook so that we progress in every sphere of life.


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