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The saint of Kanchi

Here is a set of pictures of a great saint whom we all revere. I had the fortune of falling under his feet, at a very young age, driven by my Bhavani periammai, who was a member of the matom for all practical purposes. When I grew, I used to keep regular contact with the mutt and came very close to joining the mutt as one of the assistants. ‘Antha kundamantiyeyum cherthukkungolda’ .The saint ordained.
‘Kuntamanties’ have no place in a mutt. The saint was saved,; the mutt was saved.
In December, 1985 when my last son was born, I rushed to him.He was then camping at Kurnool, on the bank of the river Tungabadra. I have dipped my body in the cool waters of the Ganga, several time. But in Tungabadra, when I dipped this mortal coil into her cool embrace, I was not alone. The Gods and angels from the sky above also had a dip along with me.Or that was what I thought then.
We go to a temple or to meet a saint or to have a dip in a holy river, only for the development of such thoughts with in us, may be for a moment, isn’t so ?
മുപ്പത്തി മുക്കോടി ത്തെവാളും ഇന്ദ്രനും
മുംമൂര്തി കളും വേദ ബ്രാഹ്മ ണാ ളും
Many of you would have had that unique experience, if not in the Tungabadhra but in many other places. His very presence itself was dipping in a holy river or sitting near the flag-post, kodimaram of a big temple. A flag- post, he was undoubtedly. I do not have a picture of the saint in my house. But many time, he peers into my mind and withdraws quickly, as his vision become  blurred the moment he enters there.
That is OK. He continues to love me. Distance does not decimate Love.
Thanks to Raju anna of Singapore for sharing these rare pictures with us
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sorry, size is unavoidable!
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Today is Kanchi Maha Periyavaa Jayanthi.
He was born in this Anusha Nakshithiram of
Vaikasi month 116 years ago (per Gregorian
calendar it is May 20, 1894).
Here is a collection of Maha Periyavaa’s photos
– some seen often and others not so.
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