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Let me always have that awareness

It is good to lie flat on your back under a tree or sit in a corner once a while and meditate on this magnificient globe we are blessed to enter and occupy for a short period. How insignificant are we , confined to a corner,compared to the magnanimous extravaganza we are in!
Look at the galxies, nebulae and other wonders millions and millions of light years away from us, in the pictures below:
As the poet asks,
“അനന്തം, അജ്ഞാതം, അവര്‍ണനീയം                                                   

ഈ ലോക ഗോളം തിരിയുന്ന മാര്‍ഗം
അതിന്റെ ഏതാനുമോരിടതിരുന്നു
നോക്കുന്ന മര്‍ത്യന്‍ കഥ എന്തു കണ്ടു?

                                                                       Sri.Nalppattu Narayana Menon
It is endless, it is mysterious, it is unexplainable-this universe and its function.
Confined to a corner,who and how are we to explain its ways?
പാരാവാരം കരേറി കരകള്‍ മുഴുവനും മുക്കി മൂടാത്തത് എന്തോ
തരാജാലങ്ങള്‍ തമ്മില്‍ സ്വയം ഉരസി മരിഞ്ഞത്ര വീഴാതതെന്തോ

നേരായ് ആരാഞ്ഞു നോക്കിടുക മദം ഇയലും മര്‍ത്ത്യരെ നിങ്ങള്‍ എന്നാല്‍

ആരായ്ക്കാനാകും എല്ലാറ്റിലും ഉപരി വിളങ്ങുന്ന വിശ്വേശ രൂപം
                                                                                        Sri.V.C.Balkrishna Panicker
Why the oceans are not occupying the whole land?
Why the stars are not colliding and collapsing?
Muse, oh, Man! you full of pride and arrogance
And see the scintillating superpower above everything
Why go that far? Are we able to fathom the depth of the ocean in our own mind, regulate its waves and recover the hidden treasures?
Are we able to view the motions, vibrations, additions and alterations that take place in our own body and tell exactly when the machinery will cease to function?
How small am I ?
No, I am not really!
There is a great monkey king in me, which when needed, will grow to the size of the universe, cross the unfathomable ocean, annihilate the evil forces and reach to the divinity dumped in a corner.
Let me always have that awareness.

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