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Then, It is Ok!

“This Ammini is an alpam, maha alpam (silly woman)”
“Yes, I know that”
“How do you know that?”
“you said it now, you have said it earlier and you have          been saying it for the past 4o years, Ammalu”
“If I say one word about Ammini, your intimate friend, you will jump at me”.
“Yes we are intimate friends. We studied together,we       worked together in the same Institute, in the same labs for 30 years, went together for tea break,excursions,picnic,   conferences and kathakali shows”
“There is a black mole at her back; it is so ugly”
“There is a black mole near her right eye too”
“How do you know that?’
“One night ,there was a sudden power breakdown in the Labs and all the lights went off. I noticed it, then. Immediately we came out of the room”
“Immediately you came out of the room?”
“Then, it is OK”
“You were enjoying her mohiniyattam in the cowshed from morning to evening today?”
“No.It was a rehearsal for the Kathakali show in our club for Vishu and you arranged that program. Ammini was practicing the role of Poothana and I was practicing singing”
” No doubt a poothana she is. But why practice in the cow-shed?.
“Then where? If we practice in our house you will yell. If we do that in her house that nil-head Nair will scream.
If practice in front of our house, neighbors will shout”.
“Are you going to dance to together?”
“No. I will be doing her make up and also help her in the graceful draping, as none here, including you, can do that job. It will take more than two hours and I do not want any one to come inside the green room”
” When do I come inside the green room?”
We will come out.She will occupy the main stage and I will go, stand in a corner and sing”
“Then, it is OK”
“Will you give the Vishukaineettam in her hand”
‘Kaineettam is always placed on the open palm, but, as you object I shall place the coin in the opening of her blouse or tie it with the end of her sari”
‘Then, it is OK”
Love and regards,
” Give a handful from your plenty to those deserving”

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