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Bury the blunders of the past

“Innale chaithorabaddam, lokark-
kinnathe aacharamakam
Nalathe saastrmathakam
Atil moolaika sammada, Rajan!”

(Maha Kavi Kumaran Asan)
Oh, King! Yesterday’s mistake can become today’s practice and tomorrow’s sastram.(Therefore), do not say,’yes’.
No one will go near a widow today to tonsure her  or break her glass bangles and will not dare to do that in future also. We have come long way from those medieval madness  and inhuman intimidation of innocent women.
Women in our society were venerated as visual goddesses and no worship was complete without the wife standing behind the husband. Their opinion was sought on all major issues and in many cases their words were final.
The Indian house- wife was  a synonym for sincerity, selfishness and sacrifice. Let us talk about that and teach our children to learn from them.
And bury the blunders of the past.

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