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Twin swords of Hindus

From: V Muralidharan

To: 4 Brahmins and USBramins Yahoo Groups

This is to all Hindus:
Recently I heard some people criticising Aiyappa Bhaktas and Bangaru Adigalar devotees. They were telling that it has become the fashion for every one to take a van or bus and go to these temples etc; These are dirty low cost people etc.

But actually these two groups are serving a great purpose which all the Hindu saints and RSS and VHP and BJP etc could not achieve! They have most effectively brought the christian/muslim conversion activities to a grinding halt, wherever they are there.
The aiyappas are spread over all castes and is a massive movement of Bhakti. The Melmaruvattur Adi Parashakti movement is well rooted among Backward classes and schedule castes. Both these groups will have to wear a mala, special clothing and do fastings and pujas for about 48 days after taking bath every day. They do it with such intense devotion without any daily sermons. They do not drink or smoke or eat non-veg items in those days. They also avoid sex. (there may be a few cases of violaters of the codes, which can be ignored).

They spend their own savings and make a trip to Sabari mala or Melmaruvattoor. On the way they visit hundreds of temples and there is an atmosphere of sanctity all through. Many daily drinkers have given up the habit after a visit to these places.
Every slum is now having a small Adi Parashakti shrine and every locality a Aiyyappa centre. The christiam missionaries are helpless in these areas. They are not able to do anything with their money inducements.
These Bhaktas are the twin swords of Hidus against conversion activities.
All Hindus should realise the importance of such mass movements in social transformation and in protecting our culture and civilisation.


2 thoughts on “Twin swords of Hindus

  1. Dear sirs,
    i am 100% agreeing with ur opinions. In addtion to ur points all Iyappa poojas and maruvathur poojas they are doing mass annathanam to poor peoples. and also getting together to winning the prosperity for the human souls. In some adigal mandrums are providing scholar ships, Books& note books to the children. Our hinduism is well devopled without mining about caste feelings in their mind.when they wear mala whoever may be they are coming under one roof of god. let we pray together to save our hinduism.

  2. Dear friends,
    Sri. Muralidharan has made a statement and titled it aptly as, “Twin swords of Hindus” on the bakthi cult of Iyyappa and Maravathur . Sri. Bala has endorsed .
    I too totally agree with the content and tone of the above posts. These two friends have made their points in a convincing manner without talking about the personalities. I wish all our observations are made in such a spirit.
    Though my friends have said whatever has to be said on the subject, may I add that non-brahamins are playing a prominent role in preserving bakthi and but for their sincerity and devotion, our religion would have shrunk further. But for the efforts of Sri. Narayana Guru, who was not a Brahmin, a huge percentage of people from Kerala would have been taken away from our religious group.If Sri kelappan and Periyar Ramswamy (surprisingly!) had not made the Vaikkom temple entry possible for the backword community people, which subsequent gave access to the other temples, there would have been an avalanche of conversion from our group.
    I am against caste, religion or any division among humanity. I travel a lot and mingle with people of diverse culture and am comfortable with all. But when well- planned efforts are made successfully to force people to change their faith with undesirable means, I protest.
    I protest in fact, any act enforced on others, including a parent insisting what his son or daughter should do, when they are matured enough to understand what is good or bad for them.
    I have just returned after a two week tour covering the west coastal region of this country and how refreshing it was to meet people from China,Japan, Thailand and other Asian and western countries!
    Anyway, let us continue to discuss matters dispassionately and in a useful manner.
    Love and regards,
    from Baltimore

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