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Akkilli Pikkili

“Hello! Gopaln Nair. Happy Onam.”
” Edo, Sami! I am Govindan, not Goplan Nair.”
” How does it matter whether you are Gopalan
or Govindan; you are Nair alright?”
‘Hello! It may not matter to you; but it matters to my wife”
” My insurance policy is in the name of Govindan Nair”
” Ammini is a woman of wisdom. What payasam has she prepared for Onam?’
” Sami! You are getting old too fast .Today is Vishu and not Onam”
“How does it matter whether today is Onam or Vishu ?  your wife will prepare
Palpayasam, I know”
“You are wrong again. your wife is preparing palpayasam ; not mine”
‘But why should she come and prepare the palpayasam in your house. Our
kitchen is not big enough for her size? ”
‘She is cooking in her own kitchen and not mine”
“How do you know that, unless you are in my house?”
I am in your house!’
“Doing what? Pestering my wife to make appam and vadai?”
“No need. My wife is already doing that in your kitchen”
“Gopalan Nair. Give the phone to my wife”
” I am telling you again, Sami. My name is Govindan Nair. Speak to
“Ammalu! What is Ammini doing in your kitchen?”
“Ammini is not in our kitchen. We both are in Theresa kutti’s kitchen. You forgot that we all came
here to celebrate Christmas?”
“I came along with you? Where am I now?”
“In the backyard of this house , wasting money on calls?”
“Call Jacob.”
“He is standing behind you”
“Jacob, are you behind me?”
“No. you are behind me”
“‘Who stands behind whom, I care not
Who moves ahead is what I look for’.
Have you forgotten this famous couplet of Vyasa in his ‘Valmiki Ramayanam?. Our English professor Neelakantan Sir used to take one full hour to explain the meaning of those two lines. ”
“Sami! It was Kalidasa and not Shakespeare who wrote that. You have completely forgotten your .
‘Jocob! We were discussing about chemistry and not literature”
“Let me ask Menon. Edo, Menon!  Who wrote Macbeth, Valmiki or Vyasa?”
“Thante Atchan. Theresa kutty wants both of you here immediately.She is hungry”
“Jacob! Menon is getting hot .Poor guy, he is ageing. Are we also ageing Jacob? After all we are the same group”
“We are not. Our women are ageing. Ammini remembers the name of the
policy holder, Ammalu noticed that you are wasting calls and Theresa
remembers that I am her husband”
“‘Any way let us get inside and eat. Theresa kutty is hungry. I can’t see my wife starving.”
“Ente Karthave! Now he is entering  into danger zone.Sami, you are definitely ageing..”
‘Ha,ha,ha! You have started loving your wife and therefore you are ageing man!”

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  1. Akkili Pikkili. – reading this took me back to my childhood years…….. My mother’s side of our family was from. Kalpathy, Palakkad. My Periyappa was also from Kerala. And I had heard this term – AKKILI-PIKKILI peshaadengol – don’t talk rubbish! So now I realise that this was in common usage. Thank you Sri Perinkulam Mama for stirring forth such an old long lost memory. Namaskaram.

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