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Twinkle, twinkle Nikhil star

Twinkle,twinkle Nikhil star,

How you kindle life of all!

With a smile of million stars,

Like a lovely water fall.         1

Splashing smiles, you crossed a mile

Now wants to fly like a butterfly,

Mount a cloud to catch the moon,

Wonder why a moon wants another moon!                 2

Hums like a bee and quacks like a duck

Coos like a dove and swings like my luck

Laughter and smiles, mischief and babbles

In tons and tons, this rising sun                                          3

Thatha falls when Nikhil pulls

Nikhil laughs when thatha falls

And thatha calls for nikhils’s hand

They roll and roll and laugh and laugh.                              4

Fall is fun, for the little one;

And he bounces like a rubber ball;

Fall is fall for the older one.

He moans and naps and worries all                                    5

Nikhil claps,“ tha, thatha, tha”

Thatha rises, “ha,ha, ha”

“Fall is fun, I know” he blabs;

All is well, if Nikhil claps.                                                    6


This short poem was composed for the invitation  card for my grand son Nikhil’s first birthday, as desired by my daughter-in-law, Meghana


Aug 8, 2008

3 thoughts on “Twinkle, twinkle Nikhil star

  1. dear anna
    read ur poem for nikkil.very apt words.glad to see ur poems after a long period.good keep going on writing is a gift.nikkil’s photo is very attractive

  2. Dear happy grand father,
    That was a very nice poem and Nikhil is very lucky to have poet as his grand father. May Sri Raama bless you, Meghna Nikil and other members of your family.
    V.Narayanaswamy (A great grand father from Fullerton ca)

  3. Dear Sir
    A nice gift to all of us.
    Our prayers for the well being of Master Nikhil
    TS Iyer

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