Ammalu is always right

“It is not clear to me, why you started your letter to me with, ‘Not-so-dear Ammalu’, instead of ‘Dear Ammalu’”
“My dear Ammalu, it was because, It was Ammini who typed the letter, on my request, as you carried my eye glasses, leaving yours here. Along with my glasses, you carried my heart too. That was the second reason. Hope it is clear to you now”
” It is not very clear as the eye glasses, I have, are not mine but yours. that is OK, but when I return soon to our house, along with your spectacle , I will bring your heart too and make things clear to you both”
” I dictated the letter over phone and neither I went to her house nor she came here. Hope this point is very clear to you.”
“Yes, very much clear as it was a clean, clear statement. Keep it up, my dear (not’ not-so-dear’) husband. You both will see my clear form the moment I reach there ( as you will have your spectacle back by then, and Ammini has already her own)
This is a promise.
One more promise, I will not carry your eyeglasses even when I go even for a shopping, now on”.
”Ammalu, Ammini is a wonderful woman”
“I know”
” I expected you to make a comment on that”
” You said she is a wonderful woman and I agreed. What more is there to say?”
”Something sensational”
”You have already said that!”
”Ammalu, after retirement our SP Sir has changed to a pucca gentleman”
“Wasn’t he a gentleman while in service, Ammini?”
“He was indeed, but he has changed now, pucca, perfect, post retirement”
“Oh, that is due to growing not due to changing”
”So, when he grows further, you expect him to become a more perfect gentleman, Ammalu?”
”Nothing can be predicted about him, Ammini. Anyway, you be cautious”

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